Tips and Tricks for Using Your iPad

We think we know how to use an iPad, but have we made the most of it? Our iPads are incredibly useful assets. We have a variety of apps, we can surf the Internet (albeit with restrictions), and we can refer to all our notes and worksheets easily within OneNote. But buried within iPadOS are numerous settings and features that you probably didn’t know about. After some thought and research, I have compiled some of these settings and features and have sorted them into 5 categories. I hope you find them useful. 1. Apple Pencil The versatile stylus that we… Continue reading Tips and Tricks for Using Your iPad

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ISSUE 1 – The Food Issue

Singaporeans are known to be foodies and we are no different! In this inaugural issue of The Eagle’s Eye, we transform into food connoisseurs and delve deep into the mysteries of food. Take a pick from our offerings – from school food reviews and documentaries exploring the history of cuisines from all around the world … Continue reading ISSUE 1 – The Food Issue

ISSUE 3 – Let’s Go, 2022!

Just weeks after we bid farewell to 2021 through “In Retrospection”, we welcome a brand new year with new hopes, desires and expectations. To help you start the year right, our writers discuss self-development topics that might work their way into your New Year’s resolutions. We also provide coverage of various aspects of Rafflesian school … Continue reading ISSUE 3 – Let’s Go, 2022!

ISSUE 2 – In Retrospection

We end the year with a look back at the storm of changes that was 2021. Re-learning how work, school and life could be different made our senses keener and our hearts more appreciative of the things we already have. In this second online issue of The Eagle Eye, we present our take on visual … Continue reading ISSUE 2 – In Retrospection

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