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The Hidden Enemy: Litter

Litter; waste pollution – a hidden problem in our supposedly spotless Garden City.  Firstly, we should define waste pollution. It is man-made waste, mainly made up of plastic litter, discarded in the environment. This includes plastic bottles, bags, and wrappers, while natural waste, such as dried leaves and fruits, do not count.  To investigate the … Continue reading The Hidden Enemy: Litter

Man’s great cacophony: Noise pollution hurts Singapore wildlife

Despite its claim to be a city in a garden, Singapore experiences massive amounts of man-made noise pollution. Although the National Environmental agency (NEA) has placed some restraints on the issue (Noise Pollution Overview, 2020), the amount of noise pollution that residents experience is still greater than that which they are willing to accept. The … Continue reading Man’s great cacophony: Noise pollution hurts Singapore wildlife

Boarding: A Reflection

When I first set out to write this article about my Boarding experience, I was at a loss to be frank. Should I begin with the first day of check-in when I, with my luggage-in-tow, was slightly apprehensive yet  brimming with anticipation? Or perhaps I should start with the #adulting courses, when we were exposed … Continue reading Boarding: A Reflection

A Peek Behind The Scenes of Rafflesian Spotlight

Rafflesian Spotlight, an annual talent show organised by the RI Prefectorial Board has seen some of the best talents the RI Y14 cohort has to offer. Previously, we have seen the likes of magicians, musicians, dancers and comedians and the performances are a mixed bag of delightful surprises. After a long break due to the … Continue reading A Peek Behind The Scenes of Rafflesian Spotlight

Promethean Leadership Investiture — A significant and important tradition

It was a regular Thursday morning on 18 August 2022. The skies were clear and the school was running about. But it was a significant milestone in RI’s calendar. It was RI’s Promethean Leadership Investiture (PLI), and the school was finally gathering to attend the event physically after two years of disruptions by COVID-19’s safety … Continue reading Promethean Leadership Investiture — A significant and important tradition

Going Vegetarian for 3 days

“How can anyone survive one day without meat?” That was the first thought I had when I chanced upon the concept of “Meatless Monday” on my social media feeds. This was to be one of the many instances when I would read about the growing vegan movement. According to Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment … Continue reading Going Vegetarian for 3 days

Our Deputy Principal of Academic Studies (Year 1-4): Who is he?

Principal of RI, Mr Frederick Yeo, with Mr Tan and his fellow Deputy Principals. Mr Tan is standing, and 3rd from the left. (📷: RI Communications) What does our new Deputy Principal of Academic Studies (Year 1-4) have to say to us? Recently, we at RPUBs conducted an exclusive interview with the Deputy Principal of … Continue reading Our Deputy Principal of Academic Studies (Year 1-4): Who is he?

Our PSL Experience

A collaborative reflection written by Jai and Zong Heng “I never knew our voices could be so loud,” I remarked to one of my friends on the Monday right after Orientation Camp, recalling the times how I had to raise my voice to get the Year 1’s attention. Be it re-visiting the school traditions and values, or learning how to use a gimbal (a device used to keep a camera stable during live-streaming) within a day, this extremely long journey has been an eye-opening experience to say the least. Continue reading Our PSL Experience

A Guide to Food in RI

With our hectic schedules packed with academic and extracurricular commitments of all sorts, it is no surprise that every RI student looks forward to the break and dismissal times in hope of refilling themselves with a hearty meal or grabbing a quick bite before hustling on with their busy lives.  Year 1s in particular, being … Continue reading A Guide to Food in RI

Chillin’ At Chill

Everyone knows about Chill, or at least they used to. During this Covid era, the convenience store has long faded into the background. But will it make a comeback? It remains to be seen. What is Chill? Chill is a cosy convenience store, tucked away by the side entrance of the school swimming pool, occupying … Continue reading Chillin’ At Chill

Sound Surrounds Us

Viewers will be taken on an acoustic audio-sensory voyage through the alluring gardens and majestic edifices of Raffles Institution. With multiple hotspots of sounds, the project follows the conversations and interactions of a group of bosom friends during a normal day in Year 4. Published by: rafflespublicationsy14 View all posts Continue reading Sound Surrounds Us

Golden Years

Ever since their retirement, my grandparents have had nothing to do all day… or have they? I wanted to find out if they indeed led a boring after-retirement life. And boy, was I proven wrong. Their day starts off quite simply. Heading out as a pair to have a cup of coffee and some food … Continue reading Golden Years

Around the corner

Despite many challenges during this pandemic, these heartland shopkeepers near my home in the Bukit Gombak Neighbourhood Centre have been working hard and persevering in their day to day lives. The uncle in the image above has been working in this job making ‘thosai’, ‘uttapam’ and other Indian delicacies for over 10 years. He told … Continue reading Around the corner

Raffles Publications

Known for the iconic Rafflesian Times, we are a student-based, student-led and (mostly) student-run club of students with a passion for writing and its different forms, ranging from events reporting and commentaries to reviews and exclusive interviews. Through professional training and on-the-ground reportage assignments, we empower our members to unleash their inner writers and put their skills to test in exploring diverse issues relevant to the student and staff population.

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