ISSUE 1 – Take Care

It was a rough start to Term 3 this year – the week-long closure of our school canteen, unfortunate incidents involving teenage boys that shocked students and educators throughout the country, and the persistent shadow of COVID-19 that seemed to loom even larger. Most of us have responded to these news and inconveniences well, and yet, to varying extents, our mental state must surely have been affected in some way.
In this inaugural issue of The Eagle Eye, we try to make sense of the complexities of our mental well-being – Why does it matter? What issues do we face here in RI? What can we do about them? We hope to throw some light on them and in so doing, offer some help and comfort.

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Known for the iconic Rafflesian Times, we are a student-based, student-led and (mostly) student-run club of students with a passion for writing and its different forms, ranging from events reporting and commentaries to reviews and exclusive interviews. Through professional training and on-the-ground reportage assignments, we empower our members to unleash their inner writers and put their skills to test in exploring diverse issues relevant to the student and staff population.

Join us as we delve into hot-button issues from a uniquely Rafflesian perspective.

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