Chillin’ at Chill


Everyone knows about Chill, that tiny little convenience store. Today, I’m going to do a review of this popular little hangout spot nestled near the pool entrance. I did a little survey to have a look at people’s opinions of this slightly overpriced convenience store.

Firstly, I asked when they visited the store. As expected, most respondents stated that they visited it within school hours. A surprising number of respondents, 14 out of the 45 responses said that they would visit after school, between the school dismissal for the day and 6pm.

Then, I asked what they usually bought from the hangout spot. Turns out, most of them chose the arguably most popular and unique item on the menu – waffles! It’s actually not that surprising, given the fact that they always make them fresh on the spot, so they’re very much crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Coupled with a good filling, they taste absolutely heavenly.

The segment I find most interesting is that most of my respondents were said to be quite price-conscious about what they buy. It’s surprising since there are a few items that they bought that are sold at a cheaper price at the canteen, despite them advocating they being very dependent on the price to decide what they buy. Most people said they think the items are worth their weight in gold, and yet those that didn’t think so visited Chill quite a few time each week.

All in all, Chill’s a popular hangout spot, and looking at the responses, worth a visit during recess. Just be sure to be fast, or risk spending your whole recess waiting for your food!


  • Toh En Rong

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