Lifestyle Changes from the Pandemic


Covid has already occupied our minds for almost 2 years now but even as we long for a return to pre-pandemic normal, Covid has undeniably changed our lifestyle. This photo essay presents an individual viewpoint, examining Covid and its impact on an ordinary Year 3 student life.

The pandemic has changed many of our lifestyles. For one, due to the pandemic, I have started working out more at home so as to keep fit while staying safe (albeit in a very cramped space).

To add on, CCA has also switched to an online form.

(A strange platform for singing I must say) 

Masks have also become ubiquitous, a daily necessity in these times.

Despite the trying times, let us take a moment to enjoy the simpler pleasures of life. We all have so much to be grateful for!


  • Cheah Zong Heng

    A Raffles Publication member, Year 4 student and also a bass singer in Raffles Voices, ZongHeng attempts to bring you stories that matter whilst juggling his other commitments (hopefully with enough sleep left). In his freetime, you would find him in his natural habitat- a couch with a book in hand.