A Guide to Food in RI


With our hectic schedules packed with academic and extracurricular commitments of all sorts, it is no surprise that every RI student looks forward to the break and dismissal times in hope of refilling themselves with a hearty meal or grabbing a quick bite before hustling on with their busy lives. 

Year 1s in particular, being new to the school, are often excited yet confused about the wide selection of dining options in RI. Primary schools have canteens, but what is this “Chill”? “Professor Brawn Cafe?” It is safe to say that our school’s food choices can cater to various needs and wants, be it a filling meal, a small snack or something finer than what we are used to. 

So let us introduce the dining options available in RI to help you better decide which to patronise and when. Our writers, with the help of several interviewees, briefly describe the food offered at each site and give their honest take on each option. 

Canteen: The Food Fight, by Ethan Lim

Chang vs Nang, by Chew Zhen Yuan

Chillin’ at Chill, by Toh En Rong

Professor Brawn Cafe – Is the Food That Good? by Balachander Nithilan