A Day of Festivities for the Track & Field Team


On the memorable evening of 10 May 2023, a celebration of achievements unfolded at the Y1-4 canteen. The parents of the Track and Field team kindly organised and sponsored a splendid buffet dinner to honour the student-athletes’ remarkable success at the recently concluded National School Games 2023. It was a gathering that transcended mere victory and trophies, fostering an environment of unity and appreciation among athletes from the C division, B division, and A division.

Coincidentally, this evening had another cause for merriment, as it marked the birthday of Mr. Vincent Quek, the Head of Track and Field. In a heartwarming gesture, the members of the track team surprised Mr. Quek with a delightful array of cakes and pastries, expressing their gratitude for his guidance and support throughout their journey.

As the event unfolded, a delightful feast awaited all attendees. The aroma of sumptuous dishes filled the air, enticing everyone’s taste buds. From the tantalising flavours of chicken biryani to the comforting delight of freshly baked pizzas, the buffet offered a diverse array of culinary delights. The highlight, without a doubt, was the indulgence of ice cream sandwiches that brought smiles and satisfied cravings.

Amidst bites of delicious food, conversations flowed freely, and laughter resonated throughout the canteen. The bonds of friendship and camaraderie within the Track and Field team grew stronger, strengthened by the shared moments of enjoyment. As the dinner concluded, a football match took shape, with members of the team gathered to engage in spirited competition. The thrill of the game echoed with every cheer, further cementing the unity and spirit of togetherness.

Reflecting on this delightful evening, Andrew Lau, a Year 1 Track and Field athlete, expressed his appreciation for the parents’ tireless efforts in organising and generously sponsoring such a meaningful event. The dinner not only filled their stomachs but also nourished their souls with a sense of belonging and appreciation.

On behalf of the entire track and field team, I extend heartfelt gratitude to the supporting parents who dedicated their time, resources, and love to orchestrate this unforgettable celebration. Your unwavering support has nurtured not only our athletic endeavours but also our spirits, fostering an environment where achievements are cherished, friendships are forged, and memories are made.

In this shared experience of triumphs and camaraderie, we embrace the true essence of sportsmanship and teamwork. Together, we celebrate not only the victories but also the journey that unites us as a team.