Confused about which food stall you should buy your lunch from in the canteen? To answer that question, I spoke to some students in and they gave me with their opinions on food stalls that seem to hit the spot. Here is their take on four stalls and how they will always tickle your tase buds. 

The Lay of the Land

There are a total of seven food stalls in the RI canteen: Malay Cuisine, Mama Delights, Koh’s Cooked Food, Sawatdi’s Thai Food, Koh’s Chicken Rice, Lee’s Japanese Food and Chia’s Western Food, all manned by hardworking and friendly aunties and uncles determined to serve you the best food.

Malay Cuisine

The first interviewee chose the sumptuous Malay stall as his favourite food stall. And with great reason. Who wouldn’t enjoy a flavourful plate of Nasi Lemak? With “generous portions” and “cheap dishes”, what more would you want in your Nasi Lemak? But most importantly, it’s the “yummy chicken” that really hits the spot. “Packed with flavour.” “Fragrant fried chicken.” The chicken paired with the rice always seems to lure our interviewee back to patronise the stall. The relatively short queues are just the icing on top of the cake.  

Sawatdi’s Thai Food

Next, we move from the Malay Stall and say Sawatdee khrap to Sawatdi’s Thai Food. The next interviewee seems to really love this stall. He “usually doesn’t like Thai Cuisine” but the food is so “high quality” that this stall made him change his mind. The Thai food is irresistible, especially the Pad Thai, which is one of the signature dishes in Thai cuisine. A stir-fried noodle dish, “it may look like Char Kway Teow” but NO! It’s much, much better. It will definitely make you drool. Once you start you can never stop. However, our interviewee suggests that more cooks can manage the stall to shorten the queue times.

Lee’s Japanese Food

This stall sells everyone’s favourite Japanese food. Chicken, salmon, ebi fry, they are all available in their respective rice bowls. Although the Takoyaki is delicious too, this interviewee just loves the Chicken soup ramen. He goes to the stall time and time again for the ramen. “Honestly, it is better than ramen sold outside of school and it is so much cheaper!” Chicken strips with soft ramen noodles, topped with an egg. Delicious. The food is delicious. The prices are cheap. The perfect stall for our interviewee is Lee’s Japanese Food. 

The Koh Stalls – Chicken Rice or Mixed Rice?

Last but not least, it is the battle between the Koh stalls. And for this interviewee, he chooses Cooked Food as the champion. “The wide variety of great and cheap dishes” are available to you, something that “you cannot get from any other stall.” His meal usually ranges between $2.50 and $3 which is a steal for such great food.

And that is it. 4 different opinions from 4 different students. Hope this article has given you an idea about what stall to queue up at the next time you step into the canteen!


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