Golden Years


Ever since their retirement, my grandparents have had nothing to do all day… or have they?

I wanted to find out if they indeed led a boring after-retirement life. And boy, was I proven wrong.

Their day starts off quite simply. Heading out as a pair to have a cup of coffee and some food to provide energy for the day.

They then proceed to buy their necessities for the day at the supermarket. This has been something they have done for decades. 

Then it’s time to head home to watch the news, 

...while the other cooks delicious food

They would go and fetch their grandchildren from school…

…before going to their youngest grandchild’s house to help take care of him.

Even after retirement, my grandparents are still very active and help out a lot with taking care of their grandchildren. Their unwavering energy and willingness to help has really left me in awe.