The Crime and Climb of Time


With the new school year starting, many students will start to feel overwhelmed by the thought of facing the awaiting workload.

However, some students are not flustered and appear nonplussed. It makes me think that perhaps, proper time management can help manage our anxieties.

So, what is time management and why is it important?

Time management is the act of organising, planning and dividing the time that we spend on specific activities and tasks. Good and proper time management provides us with greater productivity and more efficiency, which allows us to produce better work and deliver it on time. Ultimately, proper time management can relieve your stress and boosts your confidence!

On the other hand, procrastination is the bane of one’s academic journey. Procrastination has many undesirable consequences, including stress.

So, how do we manage our time properly?

Here are some tips:

Tip 1: Set SMART Goals

The first step in time management is always to set goals to achieve. These goals should be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.

Tip 2: Prioritise Tasks Wisely

The prioritisation of tasks is another important step for time management. This is because knowing our priorities helps us to know the order in which our tasks need to be completed. We should prioritise our tasks based on their importance.

The importance of the task is how significant and crucial it is, and what the consequences are should the task not be completed. The urgency of the task refers to when the deadline for completing the task is.

Tip 3: Set Time Limits

Each and every task should have a specific time in which it needs to be completed. Setting time limits and time constraints motivates us to fully concentrate on the task that we are completing. This way, we can be more productive and efficient.

Tip 4: Get Rid Of Distractions

While managing your time, find a period of time when you do not need to multitask. It is also important to ensure that we concentrate on completing a task and do not get distracted by anything else. This makes us more efficient and allows us to complete a task faster.

Tip 5: Plan, Plan, Plan

Planning is another important part of time management. We should always start our day off with what we want to achieve that day. By planning what needs to get done that day, we can go about completing our tasks one at a time, and not be overwhelmed.

And that’s it! 5 useful tips on how all of us can manage our time properly and avoid procrastination. With these 5 tips, I’m sure you will be able to start the new year off well and not get overly stressed about the workload.


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