Raffles Institution Open House 2023: The launch of RI200 stamp


With the ease of Covid-19 rules earlier this year, RI was fortunate to be able to once again host an open-house in person. With this year being the school’s bicentennial, the event was hosted in a rather unique form: a carnival! 

A lesser known event occurred simultaneously on that day: Singapore Post launched a commemorative stamp for RI200! Our student reporter Gregory headed down to check out the launch of the stamp, and procured a few samples.

The RI200 Stamp Booth

On the day of the event, SingPost set up a booth which launched the RI200 commemorative stamp. Upon entry, large crowds had already formed and within an hour, all the stamps had already been sold out. Fortunately, SingPost responded to the demand quickly and brought additional stock from their headquarters. Our student reporter hence managed to procure some examples, which are displayed here.

The stamp design

Image courtesy: RI website

The stamp depicts significant events in Raffles Institution’s history: its four campuses – from left to right, Bras Basah, Grange Road, Mount Sinai and the current Bishan Campus. The RI200 logo is featured on the top right corner of the stamp.

In addition, the Scouts are depicted on the bottom left, as well as an athlete to the right of the scouts. Also depicted are a hockey player as well as a Rugby player, Rugby being one of the most prestigious CCAs in Raffles Institution.

It should be noted that the stamp progresses from monochrome on the left to coloured on the right, conveying this sense of change and continuity throughout the years. Despite the school’s rapid modernization, (for example, RI’s campus at Grange Road was the first to be fitted with an Olympic-sized swimming pool), the Rafflesian Spirit of Excellence continues to be upheld throughout its 200 years of history.

50 years of Sport Singapore Stamp

Image courtesy: shop.singpost.com

On the same day, SingPost also launched the 50th Anniversary of Sport Singapore stamp. It depicts Singapore’s sport scene throughout the years and features the old Stadium and new Kallang Stadium. 

Purchasing the stamps

Purchasing the stamps was a simple process. There are a few options to choose from, and for this article, the student reporter bought a few of each to feature here. 

The Stamp

Purchasing each of the RI200 stamps costs $0.80, and they can also be bought in sheets of 10. The 50th Anniversary of Sport Singapore stamp can also be purchased for $1.50 each, or in sheets of 10. 

First Day Cover

Both stamps could also be purchased as a set for $3.75 on a first day cover, and they were inked with the RI200 or Anniversaries logo. 

Presentation Pack

The stamps could also be bought in a presentation pack for $4.85. Removing the pack from its plastic sleeve, we can see the Kallang Stadium as well as the iconic RI clock tower of the Bishan Campus printed on the cover.

Inside, the two stamps are encased in a plastic protector. The RI200 logo has also been stamped prominently in the center. In the pack, there is a write-up of Raffles Institution and SportSG’s history, which highlights how  RI “parallel[s] [Singapore’s history]… at the forefront of educational change”. The text also honors the past Rafflesians who have “walked through the doors of RI and have emerged thinkers, leaders and pioneers of character, making significant contributions to the country and shaping its direction”, while inspiring future Rafflesians to “always ask questions with curiosity, seek solutions with creativity and act with courage to improve the social, economic and environmental well being of society”. This well encapsulates RI’s motto, Auspicium Melioris Aevi, Hope of a Better Age.


Overall, the stamps were well designed and the presentation pack was extremely worth its price. The RI200 stamp showcases Rafflesians throughout the years, and also encourages all Rafflesians to Honor the Past by Inspiring the Future, to Lead by Serving and Serving by Leading, and to be Thinkers, Leaders and Pioneers in their fields. 

The Student Reporter posing for an image on the SingPost scooter

On a side note…

During the open house, a booth was set up to sell the RI200 poetry anthology, Some Dreams From Now. You can check out more about the book here!

The publishers of Some Dreams From Now posing for a picture with the book