The reopening of Gryphon’s Lair

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Raffles Institution boasts many facilities for the rest and relaxation of students – from the Hullett Memorial Library where students can unwind to the canteen and Raja Foyer where students can dine with their friends.

On 28 March, a new (or rather, revamped) facility joined the long list of amenities on our campus: The Gryphon’s Lair.

An Introduction to the Gryphon’s Lair

As the name suggests, the Gryphon’s Lair is designed to feel like a home for Rafflesians. The Lair is filled with countless plush bean bags for students to lie on and tables are provided for board games. A foosball table is also available.

The Launch (in chronological order)

Around 10 minutes prior to the scheduled opening, a sizable crowd had already gathered near Nang’s fruit stall. The crowd was so huge that the Prefects on duty opened the lair 5 minutes early, with an address by Deputy Principal, Mr. Desmond Tan, who believed that this was a “monumental milestone” as the Gryphon’s Lair has been under renovations since October 2022. A red ribbon was cut, symbolizing the official opening of the Gryphon’s lair.

Griffles welcoming the throngs of curious Rafflesians

Checking out the Gryphon’s lair on its opening day was no easy feat for RPUBs student reporters, with the constant temptation of board games and bean bags despite them being on journalistic duty. A box of candy was provided, but snapped up within minutes. 

The box of candy just 10 minutes after the Gryphon’s Lair was opened

Unfortunately, one student reporter fell for the temptations, joining a game of Monopoly with the other Rafflesians checking out the Lair that afternoon. 

The RPUBs student reporter guiltily posing for a picture

The turnout was also surprisingly huge, with the Lair being flooded within moments of the doors opening. 

The Gryphon’s Lair on opening day, with Griffles overseeing the large turnout

Experiencing the Gryphon’s lair

Upon stepping into the Gryphon’s Lair, one is welcomed by a sense of comfort, which can be greatly attributed to the warm yellow light used instead of the harsher, white fluorescent lights in the classrooms. There is a reception counter for one to make enquiries and countless fluffy bean bags for reclining and tucking into a good book, which one can pick up from the Hullett Memorial Library.

To the right of the entrance, stands a ‘tree’, hung with Polaroids of students taking photographs with Griffles, immortalizing this day in Rafflesian history. At the back of the Lair are an assortment of board games such as Exploding Kittens, Monopoly and Battleship to name a few, which can be played at the tables and chairs provided. The foosball table is obviously a popular hit with the students, as well as a stage which may be used for more events in the future. 

The outside view of the Gryphons Lair
RPUBs student reporter Gregory Ng (2H) spending a moment with Griffles

The Gryphon’s Lair following the opening

At the time of writing, the Gryphon’s Lair is less than 3 weeks old. However, damage had already been reported and students were reminded of the need to be responsible users of the space. While the Gryphon’s Lair is a place for relaxation, one can only enjoy its stress-alleviating benefits if it is kept nice and neat for other users, wouldn’t you agree?